Academic blogging

Water Supply and Sanitation in Colombia: From Decentralisation to Recentralisation, Global Water Forum, UNESCO – Australian National University, 16 March 2015  Full text

A critical case: the United Kingdom and New Public Management, OXPOL, Oxford University, 26 November 2015. Full text

Book review: Policy Alienation and the Power of Professionals: Confronting New Policies, LSE Review of Books, 8 April 2014. Full text

Book review: Political Struggles and the Forging of Autonomous Government Agencies, LSE Review of Books, 1 September 2013. Full text

¿Cómo entender el problema de agua en Yopal?, Razón Pública, July 2014. Full text

Reforma a las transferencias: un dilema preocupante, Razón Pública, November 2014. Full text

La empresa regulatoria, Semana Sostenible. Full text

La Constitución llegó a los hogares como agua, aseo, energía, gas y telecomunicaciones, CESIT,  April 2013.  Full text

Cuatro formas de ver los problemas de la Justicia, Semana Sostenible. Full text